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A Snowy Day in February

We haven’t had any snow in South Dakota for quite a while. Some people have complained. I’m actually quite used to a ‘brown’ winter and I haven’t missed shoveling one bit. But the white snow makes a wonderful background for pictures.  We had several inches of snow in a short time today. Enough to cause my hubby’s flight to be re-routed to Lincoln, NE for a few hours before he was able to land in Sioux Falls.

Our dog, Molly, is a pretty old girl at 11 years of age but some how the snow gets her acting like a young pup.

She gets a little crazy burying herself in it.

And making her own version of a beagle ‘snow’ angel.

Yesterday we were sniffing in the mud and today she’s prowling in the yard for bunnies.

And watching for squirrels.

The snow kept falling most of the day here.

And Gabe couldn’t help but wander out to catch some snowflakes.

And a few pictures of his own of the little dog have a grand time.

We had a great time racing around the yard and playing in the snow today.

And then we ran inside for some hot chocolate and dog treats.

I hope your day was as fun as ours. And if you’d love some pictures in the snow just give me a call! Who know how long before it melts!

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