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Senior Pictures Sioux Falls SD – Meghan – Class of 2013

Today on Throwback Thursday I’m highlighting Meghan’s senior portrait session. Meghan came in to the studio last fall and we had an amazing time doing her senior portraits.

One of my favorite things about doing photography is meeting new people. And I love how people ‘find’ me. I always joke that in South Dakota there are only ‘Two Degrees of Separation’. Since moving back to Sioux Falls in 2010 I always find that I especially true!

I met Meghan’s Mom, Tamara, because she works at the Children’s Dental Center in Sioux Falls. My kids LOVE going to see their dentist and they are always asking me when their next visit is. I love that they can do all the appointments at the same time and that we’ve never had a cavity. It’s been so fun getting to know this family and getting to know the staff even better at the Children’s Dental Center.

Meghan and her family are amazing and I had a fantastic time getting to know them. We had a lot of great locations for Meghan’s portraits, including downtown and in the studio, but my favorite part of our session was getting to spend time with Meghan at her home.

Whenever someone invites me to their home for a portion of their session I always feel so honored and humbled. It does not matter what your home looks or if you think it is messier than my house (and I guarantee that it’s NOT!) I know that I can find somewhere fantastic to photograph you where you live that will be amazing. Portraits done at your home are always just a little extra special. When you look back on them in 20 years you might not remember or care how cool my studio is but you will remember that front porch where you sat and enjoyed a popsicle every summer since you were 4.

Our main reason for our visit to Meghan’s home? Her babies. Her 5 beautiful horses. I love equestrian sessions. I grew up riding horseback and I adore getting to work with any animal but I have an especial affinity for horses. I get them and I just love them.

We created some absolutely stunning artwork at Meghan’s session. Because I was invited to her home I was able to notice something. The family had a fantastic antique western leather jacket. I was so excited when I asked if we could use it. Turns out that jacket had belonged to her late grandmother. I wish I could have seen the look on Meghan’s grandfather’s face when he was given the stunning portrait of his granddaughter wearing his late wife’s coat.

Meghan’s Mom had a special request as well. She wanted me to create an image to have as a separate piece of artwork for their home. You can see that as the last image in this post. Also if you happened to attend the Downtown Sioux Falls Ladies Ultimate Sample Tour you may have gotten one of them as a notecard for my gift. Only my very favorite images become one of my notecards.

If you’ve been to the studio you have probably taken a look at Meghan’s Album. It’s one of my favorite samples. These albums are such an amazing keepsake and I was so moved when I received a phone call from Meghan’s Dad a couple of months after her session. He wondered if he could order an additional album for his beautiful daughter as a Christmas Gift. I couldn’t be more flattered or humbled.

Thank you Meghan for an amazing day. I had a wonderful time getting to know you and your family.

Check out some of the amazing images from Meghan’s stunning album or come into the studio to see it in person!

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