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{Senior Pictures Sioux Falls SD} Rochelle – Class of 2015

Today on Throwback Thursday I’m showcasing Rochelle’s Senior Pictures Sioux Falls SD. I had an AMAZING time with Rochelle! She is so very, very sweet and is just as beautiful on the outside and she is on the inside.

She’s one of those girls, as many of us are, who don’t see just how stunningly beautiful she actually is and I hope that during her Senior Session she has a better glimpse of how the rest of us see her: as an amazing lady who has a lifetime of beautiful things ahead of her.

Rochelle was one of my Class of 2015 Senior Models. One of the advantages of being a model is getting to know the girls and their families so well. By the time we get to their senior session we all are familiar with each other and things are so fun and laid back!

Angelique of Platinum Imagination really highlighted Rochelle’s beautiful natural features. I just loved how light and gorgeous she looked.

As a model your senior session is pretty amazing. We really don’t hold anything back and we’re up for just about everything. Rochelle had so many amazing looks in her session. From Bohemian, Urban Downtown, Classic Beauty and Cowgirl she rocked every single outfit she brought. And each outfit was better than the next one.

We started Rochelle’s session at a local Sioux Falls Park before we wandered to some cool downtown locations. After we headed to play in the country. I loved including Rochelle’s beautiful horse. I love, love, love when I get a chance to work with horses. Equine photography is something I absolutely love and I’m always thrilled when I get a chance to include something so important to my seniors in their session.

For our last part of the session we headed out to a cow pasture. Because that’s precisely where you should go when you have an absolutely, drop-dead, stunning, to.die.for. gown. We wandered the countryside and were so fortunate to be guided back to a beautiful private stream.

Those images are absolutely stunning and we both work hard to get them. I would have shot some video of Rochelle with her dress pulled up as she waded through the stream but I was too busy wading barefoot squishing through the mud trying to avoid rocks and holes with thousands of dollars in camera gear! Fortunately Rochelle (and her dress), myself (and my gear) came out just fine and we gave the cows something fun to observe for an afternoon. I love when a session becomes an adventure!

Rochelle – Thank you for allowing me to capture all of your amazing style! Thank you for taking risks in the alleys and the cow pastures for me! I hope you enjoyed your session as much as I did!

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Hair & Makeup by Angelique of Platinum Imagination

Can’t get enough of the stunning Rochelle? Then check out her beautiful Highlights Video!!

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