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{Sioux Falls Family Photographer} Sam, Leona & Gabe turn 10!

I don’t remember blinking. But I must have. Somewhere in the last 10 years I must have blinked. Everyone says it goes by in a rush. These beautiful fleeting days of childhood. And I knew it would and yet somehow it’s still managed to sneak up on me.

To say I feel blessed to spend my life with these 3 crazy people doesn’t even begin to describe how deeply I love them. How on earth was I chosen to be their mother. In the days of self-doubt and stress and worry of what I have done or haven’t done in the last ten years I am able at times to step back and just marvel. At how amazing these children are. How much happiness and joy they bring. How very full they make my heart.

It makes me so happy, this big giant birthday. Double-digits. Their giant smiles of excitement. And yet my heart aches a bit. Knowing we are fleeing these innocent years of childhood. Excited, yet scared, to see them grow. Knowing what the next decade can often bring.

But still I’m filled with hope and joy. I celebrate these amazing miracles. I am grateful beyond measure to be their mother. To be blessed with their smiles every day.

sioux falls photographerSioux Falls Family Photographer

Sam: My sweet boy. Who loves his Mom. Who will talk your ear off. Who is so matter-of-fact. You are so kind. And Gentle. And Giving. So Loving. So Trusting. So Pure. You want to know how everything works. You still have as many questions about life as you did when you were two. It’s amazing to me how your heart is filled with wonder. How you delight in those around you. How you want to know the rules to every game before we play. You are cautious. You are thoughtful and considerate. You love school and life and everyone around you. Except mornings. If life started at 10AM you’d be a very happy camper.

You bring me such joy and happiness. When you are sad you still have giant tears. You get my jokes. You make me laugh. I can’t imagine my life without your grin. You have such a clear picture of right and wrong. You love freely and give completely. You make my heart sing.


Leona: My sweet, beautiful girl. When I ask you why you are so beautiful you always have the same answer, “Because of what is in my heart”. And it’s true. Your heart is golden. It is the most beautiful thing about you. Although I’m awfully fond of those blue eyes and freckles. You are patient and kindness itself. Your giggle and laughter bring an amazing sense of happiness to everyone around you. You have such a thoughtful personality.

People may think you are shy but they are wrong. You are just observant. Listening to others. Wanting what is best for everyone. Giving so openly of yourself. You are SO strong. In your body and in your mind. And yet so sensitive. So loving of art. I cherish that about you. That we can discover and love art together. Thank you for being the sunshine in my life. You give me hope that the world will be filled with beauty. Your incredible beauty.


Gabe: My little man. My angel boy. You are my independent soul. You love to solve problems. You love to surround yourself in your own world. You can dive into a book and not come up for air just as I do. You never stop. You never give up. You are so persistent and strong. You make me laugh with your sneaky ways.

You snuggle with me. And I can fool myself for a minute and think that you’ll always be my tiny peanut snuggled up next to me as close as can be. You love life. You love variety. You seek out adventure. You live in the moment and enjoy it so splendidly. You are still always hungry! Hungry for life and knowledge and love. I can not imagine a world without your smile.


My precious kiddos. My sweet Sam. My lovely Leona. My giggly Gabe. You have filled these last ten years with more love and laughter than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for loving me (and daddy) with your whole hearts. For loving God beyond measure. And for blessing everyone who knows you with your amazing spirit.

I wonder where the days have gone…but never where else I would have spent them.

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