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{Sioux Falls Photographer} Every Dog has it’s Day

As a photographer one of the great honors I have is to capture milestones and important moments in the lives of my clients. And every once in a while those clients happen to be the ones closest to me. In July so many of your mourned with us as we sadly said goodbye to our dear sweet, old beagle Molly.

On my kiddos 9th Birthday we already knew that our girl Molly was living on borrowed time. I’m so glad that I took a bit of time that day to create one last portrait session with Molly and my kids. We’ve almost always included Molly in Birthday and Christmas portraits and I look back on so many of them with tears and also with gratitude. Thankful for the time we had together and thankful for the gift portraits give us. The freezing of time. The memories etched into our minds with a visual reminder through images captured.

It took me a while to process these. I just couldn’t bring myself to look through them again. Grief takes time, tears, emptiness and anguish and life slowly goes on and we start to heal.

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And sometimes there is another way you start to heal. You may have a little help healing through the love of another. For our family it is the love that a sweet new little lady has for us. The wag of a tail, the scamper of small paws and the laughter of children. Today I introduce you to sweet little Josie, our newest family member, as we remember our old lady, on Molly’s 14th Birthday.

We love this little pup already. Josie has squirmed and wiggled her way into our hearts (even with 4 am bathroom cries) filling some of the emptiness. Expanding our hearts to hold even more love. She has some big paws to fill. And as we look back and we look forward, we look with love. Grateful that every dog really does have it’s day to leave paw prints on our hearts.

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