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{Sioux Falls Photography} Homecoming Queen Hannah – A Styled Session

Last November I had the pleasure of doing something fun and creative behind the camera. I’ve waited to edit that session until I could really put my full heart into those edits and really get a chance to play with those images. I’ve finally had time to do that and I’m in looooooooooove with what was created that day.

One of my Class of 2014 senior models, Hannah, happened to be elected as her high school’s Homecoming Queen. And as soon as I heard that, the wheels started spinning in my head. People often ask me how I get my creative ideas and quite honestly I don’t always know. But sometimes I’ll just get a quick visual in my head. A photograph in my mind. And then things start to tumble over and I’m over taken by a tidal wave of excitement.

The longer I do my job the more important it is for me to continue to be creative. To do a session like this. Something that is almost an entirely a creative exercise. Forcing me to stretch my brain muscles and push the limits of my skills to expand outside of my comfort zone. This day and these images are something I’m incredibly proud of and I hope you love seeing them just as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I need to preface this post by saying that this is a styled session and not a typical ‘senior’ type session. I definitely believe there is a huge difference between what is appropriate for a high school senior session and a creative model session. (not that there is anything really inappropriate but in these images Hannah looks like an incredible woman…in her 20’s for sure!) That’s not my typical goal with a senior session but this was not a typical senior session at all!

This session would not have been even remotely possible without the help of several key people. A GIANT thank you to:

Angelique of Platinum Imagination – The most exquisite hair and makeup artist I know. Seriously, this look was fantastic. I love what you can create. You’re amazing and I’m so blessed to call you a friend and our clients are so fortunate to have you as their stylist.

The Grand Opera House – An absolutely stunning location. I can’t wait to get back in there and play again.

The University of Sioux Falls Theatre Department – Our vintage clothes and wardrobe would not have been even remotely possible without everything you shared!

Filly Flair Boutique – For sharing some of the stunning jewelry that just put the ‘icing on the cake’.

Lincoln High School for loaning the Historic Homecoming Cape.

My fabulous assistant, Hope, who made this day so much better for ALL of us with your smile and helping hands.

My family, for enduring this chaos and craziness!

And last, but certainly not least, my stunning model, Hannah. Thank you for allowing me to grow and play. For giving a whole day to allow me to create something so spectacular. You are an amazing woman and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you this year. You ROCKED this shoot. Even when you were absolutely freezing you just absolutely gave 110%. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Enough of my babbling…Enjoy these images!

I got to know Hannah so well as one of our Class of 2014 Senior Models. We’re currently recruiting for our Class of 2015 Senior Models. If you’d like to apply just check out this link. We’d love to get to know you better!

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