{Sioux Falls Senior Photography} Emma – Class of 2014

We’re in a blizzard warning in Sioux Falls today so I thought we’d take a little look back on the blog today and feature Emma’s session from the lovely summery August days. Sioux Falls Senior Photography is fun in the snow but a little tricky in a blizzard! These beautiful images hopefully will warm you up and remind you that summer is ONLY 6 months away.

I immediately connected with Emma, a self-proclaimed nerdy bookworm. I happen to be a nerdy bookworm myself. Although Emma has a lot more style than I did at her age! She had so many fun looks and I just adored all of her outfits.

After hair and makeup with the always fabulous Angelique of Platinum Imagination, we started Emma’s session at Falls Park. This beautiful location, and the namesake of our city, is very close to the studio on the north side of downtown and it’s always a lovely spot for portraits. There are many great locations around town but Falls Park is such a quintessential landmark in South Dakota.

We spent some time outside enjoying the lovely sunshine and beautiful grasses before we headed back downtown and into the studio. I love the images we incorporated with Emma’s love of Martial Arts into some of her portraits. She can do amazing things with a cane! I was totally impressed!

We had some fun downtown with a few of Emma’s favorite books and I especially loved her fantastic Superman T-shirt. Her red heels made for some pretty awesome images and were certainly some of my favorites from the year!

I always encourage my seniors to bring along anything that makes them unique and Emma certainly did just that. I also always encourage seniors to bring along a friend, cousin, sister and of course a parent. Emma brought along her Mom and her younger brother. She knew that he would be the one to make her laugh and he certainly did his job well! Whenever we wanted a truly authentic laugh from Emma we’d pull his nose out of his book and he’d fire off a series of goofy jokes. I couldn’t resist capturing a few images of these two doing what they do best.

Thank you Emma for choosing Julie Prairie Photography for your Senior Portraits. You are an amazing woman and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know all of the things that make you so very special. It was my pleasure getting to know you and your family!

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