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{Sioux Falls Photography} My Life Monday

I follow a lovely photographer in North Dakota who shares fabulous glimpses into her personal life and I’ve wanted to do the same for my clients. I love getting to know the people and their families that I am blessed to photograph and so many of you have been wonderfully supportive of my family.

I’ve always been pretty much an open book. Having triplets will do that too you. I’m not always comfortable with the ‘fame’ and notoriety that comes along with that but I do love my kiddos like crazy. Having triplets (at this age) is incredibly awesome. They still think my hubby and I are fantastic. They think $1 is a LOT of money. And they still give me hugs and kisses. I’m not naïve enough to think this will last forever but I’m going to enjoy it right now and try not to think that in 4.5 years I’m going to have teenagers.

As parents we have tried very hard to instill a strong work ethic and a sense of adventure in our kids. My husband and I both grew up on farms and sharing our love of agriculture is something we feel is important to share with our kids. I love our trips to my parents’ dairy farm just north of Sioux Falls where we can visit all of the cows, calves, horses and adorable baby kittens! And then I get to come home.

Last winter there started to be a few jokes…and then those jokes got a little more serious. And then my Father-in-Law built a chicken coop. While we have quite a large yard in town the last thing I wanted to have at our house was any kind of farm animal. And especially not stinky old chickens!
Remember how I said I liked to visit the farm? That was plenty for me.

But my hubby and kids had other ideas. And one warm summer day 4 feathered friends came to live in the little coop in our backyard. They really weren’t so bad. (Although they only ever laid 3 eggs every day instead of 4). And the kids learned some great lessons in caring for their birds.

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For Christmas this year my very talented Mother wrote a story about the chickens and I combined that story with the pictures I had taken over the year.

While we had a great time and look forward to many more eggs…I don’t think I’ll add Chicken Photography to the list of studio options! But feel free to check out the story my mom wrote, A Chicken’s Christmas Carol just click HERE.

Hope your Monday has been fantastic! Can’t wait to share a little more with you as the year goes on.

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