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If Today was your Last Day

If you knew that you had 24 hours left. Would you spend a beautiful summer evening enjoying your yard? Smelling the flowers? Watching the bunnies?2014-07-18_0019Would you roll on the ground and get some scratches from the girl you love?2014-07-18_00022014-07-18_0004Would you snuggle with boys in PJ’s? Knowing this was your last night together? Smiling through the pain of drawing each breath. Your nose bloody from the tumor. Watching the Lighting Bugs dance in the twilight.2014-07-18_00052014-07-18_0006Would you have a slumber party with your best friends? People you never thought you’d like. People you love more than anything in the entire world?2014-07-18_0007If you knew that today was your very last day would you get up early and go for a walk? Even if you had to walk slower. Would you remember the thousands and thousands of miles you walked? All of the good sniffs your nose found over the years? All of the neighborhoods, trails and farms you’ve loved and discovered?2014-07-18_0008Would you  have a donut for breakfast? With chocolate and sprinkles? Would you remember all of the goodies you stole? All the delicious things your nose found over the years?2014-07-18_0009Would you eat peanut butter right out of the jar? And have bacon? As much bacon as you wanted?2014-07-18_0010Would you enjoy a nap on the sofa? Lounging, laughing and relaxing with the ones you love? Enjoying the sunshine streaming through the windows?2014-07-18_0014Would you sit for a portrait by your favorite artist? Allowing her skills to capture what her heart sees? How beautiful you are to her and how much she will miss you?2014-07-18_0011Would you allow yourself to be part of the creative process? Would you lend a paw to leave one more permanent reminder of your loyal love and devotion.2014-07-18_0012Would you smile and hold those you love as they grieve. Knowing the time is short? Knowing their home will be empty but their hearts full of memories?2014-07-18_0013Would you enjoy the relax in your own kingdom? Basking in God’s glory? Remembering the bunnies and squirrels you chased? The garden you wandered through and patrolled? The grasses you’d pop out of. The naps you had in the shade?2014-07-18_0020Would you listen to the stories of your life? Hear the memories brought to life by the words on the page and the pictures in the books? Would you relish the laughter and the tears as you look back on almost 14 years? Remembering the friends you had? All of those who loved you during your life?2014-07-18_00162014-07-18_0015Would you eat a picnic lunch outside on a summer day? Mac & Cheese? In the shape of bunnies because you love chasing bunnies? With more bacon of course?2014-07-18_0017Would you go for ice cream? And get your own cone?2014-07-18_0021Would you eat the entire thing? With a giant smile? Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world?2014-07-18_0022Would you say goodbye to the ones you love with a smile on your face? Feeling their devotion? Would you take one last walk? Would you take one last car ride? Not knowing the destination but trusting and loving.2014-07-18_0024Would you give one last hug? Would you take one last picture?2014-07-18_0001If you knew that today was your last day would you know how treasured you are? How much we hated to see you suffer and how happy you now must be. Chasing squirrels across the rainbow bridge. How good you must feel to be freed from the pain.2014-07-18_0003Our sweet Molly.  Your twilight years have been golden. Our hearts are aching, our faces stained with tears. Oh, sweet girl. If only you knew what joy you have brought. If only you knew. Rest peacefully, sweet girl.  You will life forever in our memories.2014-07-18_0018Molly the Beagle – Aug. 26, 2000 – July 18, 2014

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